Driving with Jet Lag Part 1


Oban Boat docks

Rental Car

Rental Car

The thing about travel is the getting there over the mountain and across water. Nothing and I mean nothing can stop us from getting to our appointed destination. Well, mainly it is important because we have to catch a boat, to get to an Island, so we can take a photo class. Except that life does not always flow so smooth.

Lets start with sleeping on a plane. Who ever does really sleep on that winged bird? They stuff you with food and a lot of liquids and expect you to sit quietly in a tinee tiney seat. I can’t sleep sitting up my head lols forward and then snaps back and ping I am awake. Then I am always drool conscious or have the fear of drool.  What if I bump Sherry and she is asleep or the talking in my sleep- What if that happens? Well this time it was worse. The screaming and I mean screaming baby. That child went on for hours and I do not know how the parents or the people could handle it. So, no sleep for me and guess what I have to drive, we have a deadline to meet.

Finally, after a long 8 hour flight and continual checking of where we are on the in air map we arrive. Exhausted. We get through customs and grab our baggage and head to the rental station. We pick up our car after buying the extra insurance ,for the just in case. We confidently walk out to the lot and locate the car and load the luggage. We are ready to go. This time we rented an automatic because driving in Scotland means you are on the opposite side of the road. And I have learned that it is less stressful not have to worry about what side of the road you are on plus a left hand stick. The mirrors are also in all the wrong places for an American driver but that can be overcome.

Now, I am driving the first stretch because I have driven in Scotland before.  This is Sherry’s first time being here and she is not used to the driving conditions.  There are things like roundabouts and laybys and staying on the right or left side of the road.  And the one lane roads in the Highlands can be a bit tricky especially if another car is coming at you.  So this first 2 or so hour stretch to Oban to catch the ferry is mine.  We are starting from the plane in Edinburgh.

I have checked the map and I know what direction we are to go. We are ready lets go. I insert the key into the ignition and nothing. Hmm maybe I didn’t turn it right. I try again and nothing. Hmmm. Do I need to turn the wheel and then turn the key. I mean, I know we are in park and mainly why won’t this stupid thing start. “Did we get any instruction on car operation?” I ask Sherry. Sherry looks over the paper work and finds nothing to help. We both stare at the car wheel wondering what is the matter. I am seriously starting to sweat a bit. I don’t want to go in and ask how to run the car. Hmm- Maybe I should touch the brake sit if it works. Bingo and Bingo and prize winner. The car magically starts. (Please note not all safety features apply in the US. We for some reason don’t need them. Yes that is sarcasm. ) So another little gem I discover is the car shuts off and restarts when you hit the gas. Yep hated that too.

You never know who you are going to meet.

Our cottage sat across from some apartment rentals and apparently our neighbors were having a hard time locating their rental.  A knock came to the back door and I answer and quickly questions came to me in an accented English about the name of the apartments.  I knew the name of the rentals because I had looked at them before renting the cottage we were in.  I reassured the young men that they had the right place.  The weather was gray, cold and a bit drizzly and the two young men standing at my door looked like they  needed a friendly face.  Now, up to this point in travel about Skye I had been amazed at the different countries represented by people.  The languages could be different just walking into the grocery store.  So the two young men trotted back across the road to the waiting woman in the parking of the apartments.

Knock, knock, knock.  I walk to the back door again.  “The lady in the next apartments says these are not the apartments that we are looking for and closed the door”  They said  “And we don’t know how  to get into the apartment.”    “Is there a phone that we could use?’  Here is where I was impressed by manners of the two young men.  Not always seen here in the United States and they were young men able to afford an expensive rental and travel across the world.  Now the phone in the cottage took coins to operate and for this situation was perfect.  “Sure” I said the midwest hospitality coming out in me for someone in need.  “The phone takes coins and you are welcome to use it.”  Both men looked elated to be able to see someone willing to help them.  The first young man said “Thank you so much I am ready to get out of the cold.”   He literally sighed in relief over the cold and stress of the situation.   I lead them to the phone and they called the rental location and find out that they were supposed to be emailed a code to get into the rental.  A conversation proceeds between them and I am guessing in Japanese because now they need email to get the code to get in the cottage.  Ok  they had no phone to call and no internet because of no cottage.  Wow what a day and they are probably tired and just want to rest.  “Do you have internet connection and computer we could use?” They ask.  Fortunately, I did have my baby laptop as I call her and a cable to hook up to the internet.  I stayed with them as they searched for a foreign site for email and receive the code they need to get in.  More speaking in a non English language as they try to understand what they are to do with the number.  I try to explain that probably on the door of the cottage is a box.  They need to type the number code into the box and that will give them a key to the door.  The two young men looked at each other trying to comprehend what I was saying.  They thank me and head out the door back across the road.  I wait and watch to see if they come back but they must have figured it out because the curtains opened and one of the girls looked out.

We didn’t see them again for the rest of the week because we would leave early in the morning but later that next day a case of water was sitting at the door to the cottage.  I believe it was a thank you for the help and I am glad we could.  Otherwise they would have never figured out how to get in.

First Steps

The first thing a person has to do is figure out how the blog works,  then try to upload a picture from many days of travel that will fit.    Well the excitement has begun for the writing journey and I hope you enjoy the travel.  A new trip is in the works and has been for a time but a few tales need to be told from the old trips that have been taken.  

The Isle of Skye is a beautiful island in Scotland and holds many wondrous places and I still believe a fairy or two if you look hard enough.  That may be a flight of fancy, but Eilean Donan Castle and Dunvegan Castle along with Kilchurn Castle have an air of mystery of the days gone by about them.  All are excellent places to visit and travel back in time and wonder how people lived.  I will always have the memory of the dungeon in Dunvegan since most prisoners were starving during their stay and it was placed next to the kitchen.  Kilchurn on foggy, rainy day gives an air of mystery with the water of the lake reflecting back at you.  Oh but to stare in the water and time travel to when the castle was in its prime and maybe just maybe catching a fairy at play.

Hello and Welcome to Single Girls Travel where I will share my travel adventures with you and some great photos along the way.  I will give some travel tips of what I have learned and tell some great stories.