Driving with Jet Lag Part 1


Oban Boat docks

Rental Car

Rental Car

The thing about travel is the getting there over the mountain and across water. Nothing and I mean nothing can stop us from getting to our appointed destination. Well, mainly it is important because we have to catch a boat, to get to an Island, so we can take a photo class. Except that life does not always flow so smooth.

Lets start with sleeping on a plane. Who ever does really sleep on that winged bird? They stuff you with food and a lot of liquids and expect you to sit quietly in a tinee tiney seat. I can’t sleep sitting up my head lols forward and then snaps back and ping I am awake. Then I am always drool conscious or have the fear of drool.  What if I bump Sherry and she is asleep or the talking in my sleep- What if that happens? Well this time it was worse. The screaming and I mean screaming baby. That child went on for hours and I do not know how the parents or the people could handle it. So, no sleep for me and guess what I have to drive, we have a deadline to meet.

Finally, after a long 8 hour flight and continual checking of where we are on the in air map we arrive. Exhausted. We get through customs and grab our baggage and head to the rental station. We pick up our car after buying the extra insurance ,for the just in case. We confidently walk out to the lot and locate the car and load the luggage. We are ready to go. This time we rented an automatic because driving in Scotland means you are on the opposite side of the road. And I have learned that it is less stressful not have to worry about what side of the road you are on plus a left hand stick. The mirrors are also in all the wrong places for an American driver but that can be overcome.

Now, I am driving the first stretch because I have driven in Scotland before.  This is Sherry’s first time being here and she is not used to the driving conditions.  There are things like roundabouts and laybys and staying on the right or left side of the road.  And the one lane roads in the Highlands can be a bit tricky especially if another car is coming at you.  So this first 2 or so hour stretch to Oban to catch the ferry is mine.  We are starting from the plane in Edinburgh.

I have checked the map and I know what direction we are to go. We are ready lets go. I insert the key into the ignition and nothing. Hmm maybe I didn’t turn it right. I try again and nothing. Hmmm. Do I need to turn the wheel and then turn the key. I mean, I know we are in park and mainly why won’t this stupid thing start. “Did we get any instruction on car operation?” I ask Sherry. Sherry looks over the paper work and finds nothing to help. We both stare at the car wheel wondering what is the matter. I am seriously starting to sweat a bit. I don’t want to go in and ask how to run the car. Hmm- Maybe I should touch the brake sit if it works. Bingo and Bingo and prize winner. The car magically starts. (Please note not all safety features apply in the US. We for some reason don’t need them. Yes that is sarcasm. ) So another little gem I discover is the car shuts off and restarts when you hit the gas. Yep hated that too.

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