The Quirang

The Quirang, Isle of Skye Scotland

The Quirang, Isle of Skye Scotland

When you are on a trip in the highlands of Scotland you don’t worry about the weather. Well, if you are from the Midwest and are used to wind, snow and thunderstorms you don’t worry about the weather. Sherry and I had one week on the Northern Isle of Skye. So, that means rain or shine we were going out and driving around. Unfortunately due to the weather pattern last year it meant rain. The Quirang was on the itinerary and we were set to go. We climb into the trusty rental car and head down the road. We travel just north of the cottage on the east side of Skye on A855. I have my map in hand and we look for the sign that points the way. The road is another single lane with the laybys and views down to the valley the higher you get.
Even for the early hour of the people are coming and going up the road. Now, when you are on the bottom of a hill you don’t notice a lot of wind. As you get to the top the car may gust some as the wind travels by. We drive into the parking area and see several cars parked but no other people. We excitedly grab our cameras and head out on the first path we see. This path runs north of the car park and head to the left on the ridge.
The wind picks up and the coat blows around some but I am lost in the view. Across the jutting mountain crags you look across the green grass and see water. The green of the Island and the blue of the water travels on longer than the eye can see. When I look across these views I feel like I am in the mystery of time. This view has not changed or very little for centuries and I wonder if they were in awe too? I want to capture all that I can but a tripod would be impossible. Sherry walking in front of me hair blowing here and there. She had a nice head band on that day but due to the velocity of the wind it was lost. We walked or rather blew down the path for quite a ways enjoying all that we could see.
Eventually, we turned around and headed back to the car. The constant threat of rain and in this case increasing wind slowed our adventure progress. We drove on to the How They Lived Museum and stopped to look around.
“Well how are you today?” The ticket lady asks.
“We are just fine.” We say as we look around at the items to purchase.
“Have you seen many of the sights then?” She asks.
“Yes, we just came from the Quirang and it was windy.” I say.
“The Quirang, I would never go to the Quirang on a windy day like this.” She says. “It is not safe to be up there with this kind of wind.”
“Actually, there was a lot of cars up there and people looking around.” I say. I actually thought well you’re not from Iowa where a little wind doesn’t stop the adventure. I was laughing inside and Sherry and I had a good chuckle when we got to the car. I did get one photo that I am rather proud of because it shows thee emotion of the scene. Enjoy

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