The Purpose of Travel

I like to travel and as a kid we didn’t get to do much as a family. So as I grew older I didn’t think it was necessary to venture out of my hometown. Then life changed for me and how I viewed the time I had left changed. I made a mental list of if I died tomorrow what would I wished I could have done? Photography was one thing I wished to do and travel. I learned how to take photos manually on a digital camera and then I started to travel. I have been overseas 5 times now and even though I can’t get myself away from the UK I enjoy every moment.
I had to change what I believed to be possible for my life. Some people are so jealous that I get to travel. I was that way once and I know how they feel but, I have learned that what you believe in can happen. Also, I focused my energy on the dream of the vacation. In order to do this I would save for the expenses of the trip. Did I have to give up other things to get to go to Scotland. Yes. Was it worth it absolutely.
And once you start seeing your dreams come true it is easier to dream larger ones. I am older now, instead of young, not quite so fearless as I used to be. Life isn’t always perfect and people not always supportive. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up your dreams.
I met a lady in the Chicago airport last May. I was on my way to the Yorkshire Dales and she was going to Ireland. Her husband didn’t like to travel so she was going with a tour group in Ireland. She was traveling by herself. Why? She had a dream and wasn’t afraid to get out their and try. I admired her for what she was doing and I bet she had some fun.
The purpose of travel goes beyond just getting a rest, it is breaking out of your norm. When you meet other people and see life lived in other countries you grow. The beauty of the world is waiting for you to see it and enjoy. I do a lot of research before I go to somewhere new and I keep myself safe. There are places I would never go without someone else with me. Some places I will never go at all. So, find a friend who want to see the world and go for it.
Remember to be true to your heart and live your dreams. A life is best lived with no regrets.

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