Armadale Caslte

IMG_0860 (2) armadale

Sometimes when I visit a place I can get a little sad.  This was the case when we visited Armadale castle.  I thought of how lovely the location was and wished I could have seen the Castle in it’s prime.  The view across the water was striking and because of the rain the mist hung over the water.  The light shown through the clouds and you could see the outline of the hills across the water.  Maybe I was being romantic over a location or maybe I wished I could have a view like that.

The gardens were beautiful and everywhere we walked I felt I was back in time.  I took a picture of a fading red door and wondered at who entered into it.  I followed a peacock with my camera and couldn’t get a good shot.  We walked down the paths behind the house and locate the old wash house.  The size of the building was bigger than my house.  I imagined the hot work of laundry and how it must have seemed to never end.

The history of Armadale castle and the Scots was told in the visitors building.  The Waring clans fighting over possession of a piece of land.  In every case the fight went on for as long as the person lived wanted control.  Just as the castle was wasted because of mismanagement so were so many lives.  I also notice that not many woman are mentioned but I am sure they are there.

Have you ever fell in love with a location?  Well I did here and wanted to take a breath and a step back in time.  Not to control or own the area but to enjoy the peace and beauty.  To be able to go for a walk with the dog every morning and feel the mist of the sea on my face.  I would drink hot tea while watching the rain and record my thoughts in my diary.  Yes, a little piece of me is still in Armadale.

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