Earl Grey Tea

IMG_1171 (2)Off to the Rumbling Kern, a beach location on the coast of Northumberland, Uk. A lovely location of beach, sand, shells, rock and sky. A pity Iowa doesn’t have more beach. The clarity and and the riches of black rock coming through the camera lens give a thrill. I missed a couple of chances with the rock pictures on the first day. I didn’t realize the potential of the glossy black color interspersed with reds and pinks. I did get one good shot that first day that inspired the rest of the week. The infinite, abstract designs of nature with the possibilities of a white feather, beautiful. A morning alone without the walkers, tourists and dogs make the day even better.
What draws me to the sea I cannot answer. I do find the course grasses and the subtle shades interesting. The feel of the wind on my face and the mystery of the water makes me dream. I also, had a pocketful of shells and bits of pottery that had washed up on the sand. Somehow touching pieces that comes out of the water makes me think what adventure they had before winding up in this condition.
Off to the home of Earl Grey. Of course a cup of tea and a scone with cream satisfy this traveler. The tea even better when knowing it was developed at this location. The current owner is developing an arboretum on the grounds and the paths through the trees made me think of fairy stories. The church on the grounds with the gravestones is peaceful are only regret was not being able to get inside. The bog garden displays flowers of purple, red and pinks. A bench sits besides the path inviting anyone to sit. Tall grasses show off next to the water hiding some of the view.
The weather for this trip was sunny and the views of the ocean superb. The only thing that could have made it better was a cottage on the rock and sand with a view to the water.

Adventure without a Plane

Well, I made it back from the Northumberland, UK coast. I say that because the flying over and back was somewhat taxing on the trip. I do realize that flying can have it’s issues but a 4.5 hour delay getting out of Chicago and a canceled flight on the way back doesn’t help. The purpose of a vacation is to relax from the stress not to be stressed by the getting there.

The Northumberland coast was beautiful though,the feel of the ocean and walking through the grass to get to the water. Normally early risers, Sherry and I would beat the crowd to these locations. Bamburg Castle and Rumbling Kern beaches the first thing in the morning while the sun was just rising. I enjoyed the silver sheen of the light as is grazes the water and sand. The color of the deep, black rocks mixed with colorful shells and sea plant life. Here and there I would see a white feather strikingly showing it’s presents against the rock. Truly for me it was living for a moment in a different world. The lure of the sea and a beach cottage would easily fit into my future. I have posted photos on my website of Northumberland.

I did notice and enjoy seeing dogs everywhere. Such happy faces roaming the beaches with their owners. I couldn’t tell you all the of the breeds but I tried to greet as many as I could. Here we don’t take our dogs out and about like in the UK. I know we do our walks but dogs are not allowed in as many places.

A trip like this gets me thinking about a cottage by a lake. Maybe because I didn’t feel I spent enough time resting by the water. I think I will consider in the future what I am looking for to ease the soul. I believe beach time would rate higher than visiting a lot of locations.