The Really Good Photography Days.

untitled-5516I am just back from a photography workshop in Ledges State Park.  I had been to the park over ten years ago and remember that the trees and landscape were excellent and I had high hopes for this trip.  Plus the fall color was finally kicking in after a frost and it was just time to take some photos.  The only part of photography that can be a annoyance are the early mornings.  We left the motel before 6 am and arrived at Ledges by 6:30 to meet the group.  Thankfully the wind had died down and the morning was chilly but bearable.  We get our instruction and drive off to our first location and the sun is starting to rise.

The thrill of a sunrise that keeps the heart going as you try to find a good shot before the light is gone.  Then the disappointment of a sunrise that peters out before it really happens and dies a miserable death behind clouds.  O.k. we were with cloudy conditions today.  Every time I do a work shop I notice that each instructor has a different way of doing things.  Camera settings vary from instructor to instructor and I never really know what to think.  I decided I needed to pick and choose what works best for me.

The park did not disappoint for color and beautiful, rugged bark trees.  Limbs that curve here and there telling a story of life.  Red, yellow, green, gold all mingle together without prejudice standing side by side in the forest.   The river with leaves floating down and rocks jutting out of the cold water.  I was trying to maintain my balance and not get water over the ankle of my boots.  The color and the swirl of water mix in magic and tease the photographer.

The magic of a good photography day beyond the scenes to a peace of mind.  The escape for a moment from the normal day to day with the effort to express nature from behind a lens.  Where the trees don’t care how good you are or about your job.  They just stand proud rooted in the soil perfect.  In that moment when all that exists is light, color, texture, and peace in the soul I forget everything.   This way the world stops existing and like the trees I just am there- for that moment.  That is not just a good day but the best.

One thought on “The Really Good Photography Days.

  1. Lovely, Ann ~~ Your expressiveness has definite depth in this writing that can only be result of all that daily discipline!! I really enjoyed it…

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