What is the one thing that most photographers want? To be the best at their craft as they can be and have everybody look at their photos. Except most people won’t do the work or take the time to learn the craft and change. I have been on a slow growth in my photography for the last 5 years. I would say the passion to develop the craft grows more with each passing year. I have reached the age when I have nothing to lose from getting better except the available time left to do it. Some of us are late bloomers in life and I believe I would be one of them.

If you look at the world with your everyday vision you tend to not see it in color. If you look at the world as photo composition then it springs to life. I intend to keep the vision of life as a composition firmly in mind from now on. This would be part of my goal to personally improve my craft and I would encourage others to do the same. Make your life exciting and improve your vision of creativity.

I have two trips in the works: one to the Rocky Mountains and one to Colorado. The travel part of my life still firmly intact just on US soil for a few years. My goal is to slow down and enjoy the beauty of nature around me and practice catching the perfect shot. I think in order to do this I must be less critical and more open to seeing. The more critical I am the less apt I am to get a shot or any shot. The whole point of this is to enjoy what I do and if I am not I should put away the camera.

I believe true depth comes to any person when they explore their dreams. I intend to explore mine and see the beauty.

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