The January Blues

Of course this time of year brings rest from the warm weather activity but it also brings a large dose of boredom.  The snow doesn’t motivate me to take pictures when it is freezing cold and the thought of standing there with a tripod loses it appeal.  Then January becomes the time for planning the next years photography adventures.  A trip to the mountains or a flight across the sea.  There are so many places that I haven’t seen yet I am not sure where I want to go.

What keeps coming to mind is a break somewhere with beach.  I am thinking about getting a cottage by the ocean somewhere by myself.  I would like to have time to draw, write and think.  The idea of drawing is inspired by a pastels class that I am taking.  The pace slows down when I draw and I forget about the world outside and just enjoy what I am looking at.  Well I will keep researching and see what I end up doing.  I think the adventure out with nature would be most rewarding for the soul.

A trip to Tennessee this year to take a photo class will be a highlight.  I have never been and there is the promise of wildlife pictures on this course.  Despite the 12 hour drive to get there I am sure the removal from Iowa will feel like a shift into another world.  The land in spring opening up for the rain and shaking off the cold winter makes me smile.  I have a new Fuji XT1 that is waiting for it’s day in the field.  I hope it lives up to the promises of my Canon- which will be going to.

For now I keep up the brave face and soldier on through winter.  My time is coming and my world will explode once again with possibilities.

3 thoughts on “The January Blues

  1. There search for the right ocean side cottage with be a wonderful adventure in itself…. In the meantime, may this art class help to carry you through the rest of winter, until trees are budding & blossoms are bursting open.

  2. I just re-read my above entry & see a couple of ‘oopzes’! My corrections: “The search…” & “…will be a wonderful adventure” 🙂

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