What does it take to be a success?

The Morning Wave-1191Have you sat and asked yourself what it takes to make a success out of your passion?  Sometimes, I do.  I ask myself questions of how far I am willing to go and what do I think will make me feel a success.  I have many things that I have a passion for which in some cases makes it harder to funnel my energy into one area.  Travel- a passion of mine, newly found with age and confidence, inspires me to see the beauty in other places.  Plus, Iowa with its own unique ambiance isn’t a photographically inspiring as other locations.  Now, the dynamics of waves crashing on the rock with birds floating overhead and the wind kissing my face, well, the thoughts even bring a smile to my face.  Passion- I have a passion to write and I work on that everyday.  I make it into a job of choice and I do enjoy it but writing is harder in many ways.  The hunt for the story and the inspiration for the character and the hope both will touch peoples lives.

Lately, I realize that passion is about time and focus.  I can dream about doing something but if I never get out there and actually do it the dream will never happen.  Another person cannot make my dream happen either.  I need to do the work for my own dream otherwise I have accomplished nothing.  The vision must be written and in front of my eyes to remind me of the promise that I have made to myself about my dream.  So, writing is my main passion and photography a creative release for my soul.  I have a focus for both and work in some way at each every day.  I was told once that what you are doing today is a strong indicator of your future.  I remind myself to build a block for a foundation of my dream.  Large, small or in between place a marker in my mind to remind myself to think beyond the day to day to my future.

For me then to be a success I must not give up on my focus and keep trying.  If I learn a little every time I try and keep trying I will be able to see my dream come true.  I realize that I must protect the dream and keep my focus. Sometimes others that we think would be supportive are not because they only see what they have or don’t.  This all comes down to me learning in life as I age and blooming where I am planted.  So, being a success to me is following my heart and feeling the joy of accomplishing one more step towards my goal.

I encourage others to remember their dreams and goals.  Daily build a foundation for that dream to be built on and the dream will come.  Remember to not judge yourself to harshly and squash your vision.  Every one makes mistakes along the way in their journey and no one has ever been perfect the first time.

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