Patiently Waiting for Spring.

The month is February and the only sign of spring coming I see is that my tulips are 1.5″ tall.  I feel they are brave to grow in the cold and the snow.  I don’t seem to flourish myself in this kind of weather but a flower just does what it does.  I wonder if it thinks about all the dangers in the world before it peaks its head out.  I think of all the dangers in the world before I take a step outside- a sign of the times.  Yet, as the flowers has the courage to grow I will have the courage to live my life.  As life and my camera I can focus on the beauty or the ugly.  I think pictures have more interest when they uplift the viewer and I will focus on positive also.

So, I have posted flowers of spring to my website.  A sign of hope for me that as the seasons cycle so does the photography life.  Spring will arrive and bring its warmth and promise.  The camera will rise from the bag and once again try to collect the beauty.  I will makes plans to travel and have adventures.  This world is as much about places as people and our lives need the nature outside our door.  I find a good spot next to the water a peaceful place to be.  I wonder what it is like to hear the water everyday?

Once again I dream of the future as I go about the day to day.  I keep the vision of travel and photography with me to remind me of what I want.  I do my best not to let my focus go to time wasters and life wasters.  What am I going to remember in 10 years?  I hope it is an adventure I had or a scene from a trip.  Something of value that had an impact on my life.

The Many Colors of Spring

The Many Colors of Spring

One thought on “Patiently Waiting for Spring.

  1. Another Very beautiful expression from the well of creativity within you… This entry Really spoke to my spirit 😊

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