Spring in the Rockies

A new photography workshop is on the horizon and I start to prepare for the class.  A trip to the Smoky Mountains and spring just go together well.  I always like to check and organize my equipment and start to focus again on taking pictures.  Winter in Iowa is never gentle and getting out in the cold weather isn’t always appealing.  I have a Fuji XT1 that will spread its wings for me this trip.  Due to back issues I just can’t carry a load full of equipment so everything needs to be lighter.  I have a Manfroto Befree tripod that folds down to 15 inches and weighs 3 pounds.  I still will take the heaver Manfrotto tripods I have and use them for the short distance walks but the Befree will be seeing some action.

I try to only take the lenses I know I will use plus the old faithful Lee filters.  I have noticed that once I get out into the field to take pictures I keep using the sames lenses so why take everything.  A 15 pound pack and tripod can become a burden when you end up taking the same lens out every time. The umbrella is a must plus the cloth to wipe things off if it rains.  The rain gear is on the list to pack with some new bog boots so I can wade in the river.

My goal this year is to just see nature around me and compose a better shot.  I wish to leave the constraints behind and not over think a shot and just enjoy, plus take many different views and angles.  What I think looks rights in one shot on the computer can look better in another.

I feel I am embarking on a new journey and feel free to explore for the first time.  I need to seek my goals and enjoy my life without the constraints I felt before.  The best thing for me is to leave the negative behind and pursue the future.

I will update with some pictures from the trip.

2 thoughts on “Spring in the Rockies

  1. YES!! Only a one word response really needed this time…. Excited for you, Ann…. Happy ‘Shot-Composing’ 🙂

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