Yorkshire Dales Memories

Yorkshire Dales Wild Onion-9391

Today being memorial day and most people having the day off I was able to enjoy the quiet morning.  I could hear the birds chirping outside the window without the cars whizzing by in the street.  A peace settles into the day with nothing planned and nowhere that I have to be.  So my favorite thing to do on a day like today is scroll through my photos.  I needed an update for my wall and something new to look at.  Most people cover their walls with family photos, mine are covered with vacation photos.  I try to rotate them with each new trip and take more into work for something on my wall.

This morning I kept thinking about the Yorkshire Dales and the fragrance of garlic in the air.  May is the time for the bluebells to be in bloom and the forest floor are a sea of purple blue.  Lately many of the posts I have seen have been of the bluebells in full color.  The garlic not to be done in with its delicate white heads mixes in here and there.  The trees with new buds spread their branches toward the sun and a walk in the sun ever so relaxing.  Next, comes the wide panoramic views with rock walls stretching out across the pastures.  The Dales rock barns stand in the sun and rain a monument to the unique landscape.  Sheep and lambs frolic about the lush, green pastures watching with curiosity all the people walking by.

The rain comes and the rain goes and the land opens itself up after a long winter to spring.  Water rushes over Aysgarth Falls with a vengeance colored a golden brown from the peat in the soil.  I felt a little bit like being in a wonderland with exposed roots on the trees from the water and bluebells at every turn.  The afternoon tea and the little shops busy with people enjoying nature.  A cream tea is a must.  I think what comes back most from a trip is where I went, who I went with and where I staid.  I had such a wonderful stay at The Field House Bed and Breakfast in Aysgarth.  Ros and Bob will forever be remembered as some of the kindest people I have met  and a recommended place to stay in the area.  My friends for this trip were Margaret, Leslie and Debbie who I had previously taken a photo class with.  When you go on a trip with people who really enjoy photography and the outdoors the photography just comes more natural.

So this morning I was nostalgic for a beautiful landscape and fun friends.  As spring eases in and once again shows her glory can you blame me for taking another moment to remember.

Yorkshire Dales Barns-1030354 Yorkshire Dales Bluebells-9453

The Smoky Mountains

TennI am just back from a Jennifer King photography workshop in the Smoky Mountains.  The weather was cold the first morning up in the mountains and the wind was blowing hard as the fog descended the mountain.  The temperature was in the 40’s so a bit brisk for the first morning.  I am working with the Fuji XT1 and try to get the feel of the settings.  The wind blows hard and the light slowly comes up as the morning fills with light.  I did get some shots that will be best for black and white which is what we were after from that location.  We come down the mountain to take some pictures of the waterfalls and drive through the trees and curve along the roads.  Next, we head out to take some pictures of cabins and later head back up the mountain to take photos of the fog as it rolls over the hills.

The Fuji all and all performed well with the manual setting on top of the camera.  The Fuji 10-24 mm lens did well as a wide angle but the  Fuji 18-135 mm would get soft toward the limits of 135 mm.  I think I would like to add a longer zoom but I would want it to work better in low light.  Before the light gets to low the zoom did pick up some nice contrast across the mountains.  I was having to under expose to get the contrast and bring out the color in the sky.  I do find it hard to feel like I have a clear focus with the view finder and it might be just my eyes.  When looking at the pictures in Lightroom they did turn out better than expected.

The scenic beauty of the mountains and the lowlands remind you of how nature refreshes the soul. The test is to capture the beauty and relay the feeling of peace.  Whether it is water rolling over the rocks or the fog blowing over the mountains a moment in time can only be recorded.  The dawn and dusk hours start and finish the day the golden hours of light.

I will post some pictures on my website but I always like to let my pictures sit a while before processing.  However, after taking a peak I have found quite a few I like.  I would recommend Jennifer King for a workshop any time.  Her own photos show how good she is as what she does and Mike and Randy, her assistants, are such a great help.  They know the spots to get the good shots and sometimes you only have a certain amount of time at a location.

So the future looks bright for travel and photography.  The exploration of the world and its beautiful places make me simply happy.