Fall is coming believe it or not.


That time of year again when I am ready for the heat to go away.  The flowers have finally shown color in the garden being baked by the summer heat.  Me, I am tired of the heat and the hibernating indoors so I don’t have to sweat.  Surely as the time will change and the days shorten and  fall will slide in ever so quietly.

My quest is to get a good picture of Aspens.  I hope fall has arrived in Colorado when I get there otherwise I will be a bit sad.  I am sure I will find something to take a picture of but my goal is Aspens and a mountain.  What a journey this life is with such a beautiful landscape posing for us on a daily basis.  The big question is where to go while looking on the map.  Estes park of course is going to be a stop and some recommended drives while I am there.  However, the little river right out front of the Cabin hopefully will have a shot or two waiting to be taken.  At this point I just want to relax and not have an agenda for once and just see what I find.

Next, the equipment review.  I had to handhold a filter because I didn’t think I was going to need an adapter ring to use on a certain lens.  Of course both lenses have two different ring sizes so that means two ring adapters.  Ugh  I bought the Big 10 stopper by Lee just because I have a couple of trips with a lot of water involved coming up. And let’s face it the effect on the water is really cool.  If I just had a little cart to carry everything I think I need I would be in good shape.  This weekend will involve bag organization which I will forget by the time I get there.

So, am I looking forward to fall. YES.  I don’t know a better way to spend the day except with nature and a camera in my hand.

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