Colorado Vacation


So first day of vacation I was so tired I didn’t care to be on vacation.  Normally, I have scheduled everything and know exactly where I am going everyday.  Not this time.  I didn’t feel like having to be on the run and go home to finally get some rest.  I decided that if I didn’t want to be out all day and take a nap and that was fine.  Major payoff in that today I wasn’t complete exhausted before I even started.  I am getting my camera mojo back.

Still no plans though.  I look at the map of places to go and am not quite sure what I will get when I get there.  I did like Lake Lilly and stop on the way up to Estes again.  I also brought all three cameras with me.  The canon with the 400 mm lens I am finding useful since getting close by walking isn’t an option because a path does not exist.  The fuji and the lumix for snaps.  I pick a spot, walk the dogs, finish breakfast and head the Bear Lake.  When I walked the dogs this morning it was warm here in Raymond.  I quickly realize I shouldn’t have changed from the warmer fleece as the temperature drops.  Totally not like me to not have the rain gear and warm close along.  Looks like it may be a drive tour.

The drive up to Bear Lake is curvy and slow, it takes a half hour to drive 16 miles.  Some cars are pulled off to the side of the road with their cameras out.  I pull out the long lens just in time to get some snaps of the Elk grazing and on the move.   The weather is moody with the clouds dark over the top of the mountains.  I like puffy, moody clouds, they remind me that nature can be beautiful and strong.   Except at the top of Bear Lake is torrential rain and I am not getting out of the Jeep for a hike.  Just when the mood comes back to take photos the weather slows me down.  All I want is a nice picture of Aspens changing color.  You know the kind I am talking about with the white bark and yellow color and clumped together.  I do see them at the top of the mountain where I can’t go.

I do get some nice shots and a picture of one lone Aspen in beautiful color.  I find a stand of Aspens but they are still green.  I take the picture anyway.  I think this vacation is a lesson in relaxing.  No plans are good sometimes because life is full of plans that don’t seem to matter.  I head back to the cabin and the dogs for lunch.  The wind is still up and the weather cooler but fall is on its way.

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