Little spot of creativity.

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Why do I take Photos?  I ask myself that many times when I feel I am not getting anywhere.  The challenge may be part of it but, I think it is more of a creative need.  Plus a way to escape the inside world of work and relax in nature.  We all need an outlet to our creative gifts and we all see things differently.  At first when I started I found out I had a lot to learn.  I look at some of my old photos and cringe, especially the ones from my first photography workshop.  Oh my.  LOL  Now, I see I am growing in small bits and I am creating my own eye of expression.  I don’t feel the need to compete with others because I cannot walk in their shoes.  I do feel I can learn from their talent and try to see what they see while I look at their pictures.  Creativity doesn’t have an ego but it does have the need to be expressed.

Now, add the aspect of travel to the photography and the world opens wide.  I don’t know what my life would be like if I had never left Iowa to go to the UK.  How small my vision would be and how much I would have missed out on.  The visual capture of the nature is just as important as the journey there.  Can you see the magnificent landscape that I see even if you can’t go there yourself – does my photo make you want to go.  My travel bucket list will have one more checklist with the Oregon coast.  I can’t think of a better way to end the year than by the water.  I plan to travel to beautiful places next year and hopefully I get to Ireland.  I am going to the Northern tip of Scotland and will get to see my first ring of standing stones.  However, I love history and the picts so an old settlement on the Island will be even more fascinating.  The world is large and many places to be explored.  I think you should find your creative journey too.

The above photo was taken on the coast in Northumbria.  A little piece of natures abstract hoping for someone to enjoy.

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