The Bucket List


I never thought I would have a bucket list but I have reached the age to realize I am not invincible.  I remember the days when I never thought I could possibly see the world let alone take a picture of it but I changed my thinking.  Simple as that really.  I discovered that when I believed it was possible for me to travel and see the Ocean I could find a way to do it.  I sometimes wonder what I am doing after I am exhausted after a long flight and a drive.  I tell myself I am too old for this but, no just tired and tomorrow will be better.  The experience of expanding the horizon and seeing beyond corn fields makes a me happy person.  I can’t imagine life now without the spark of travel.  The challenges of the airport and all the people from cranky to happy.  Garmin gave me fits on this trip due to a cord not working.  However, I always print out paper maps in case technology is hampered by the lack of electricity.  So, I got there.

I ask myself when I think I may stop or will this get old.  I don’t know- I have a lot invested and the call of the wild usually pulls me out of the house.  Except, now my borders have been expanded and I have met a lot of inspiring photographers who make me want a little more.  My life was never meant to be left on the shelf and though I travel most places by myself I do it because I can.  I made up my mind that I should and found a way to make it possible.   I don’t go to places that are unsafe and I usually have a group to meet that enjoys doing the same thing.

Finding the people who enjoy what you do and do it is the key.  Even though I may not have a scenic view in my backyard there are plenty of photo workshops with people who enjoy taking photos with you for a week.  The hard core ones that get up and dawn and go to dusk rain or shine.  You laugh at the cold and smile during the sunrise and you live in the moment.  I find peace there lost in the beauty of God’s creation.  I remember the feeling of the moment in the photograph.

I encourage you to fill your bucket.

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