The New Year.

I recently saw a message on Facebook that spoke of wanting more adventure and more peace in life.  I think most of us want that but if your a photographer it means even more.  The friend that posted it is a beautiful photographer with an eye to capture nature and we both appreciate the peace that it brings. What it comes down to is the drive and willingness to place other things aside and focus on what you want.  I want to travel more and see the far of places through the lens of my camera.  So I dream a lot and plan what I would like to do.  Does this mean I get to do everything I want- no, but it means I try to arrange my life so that I can.

For this year I hope to squeeze out two trips.  One is all ready booked to the northern tip of Scotland.  If you know me you know I love Scotland my soul has a draw to the land and the people.  My bucket list trip is to the Isle of Lewis and maybe just maybe that will happen.  I sometimes feel that I have to seize the opportunity to go with a group when I can.  I feel safer when I go with a workshop and I don’t have to do as much planning on the when and where.  I recommend this for any single female starting in photography.  If you can afford a workshop with a group it is well worth it. I have met some great friends through the workshops plus you know they are more driven to get out there and take photos.

Next big leap is a photography club for this area.  Succeed or fail I will at least know that I tried.  I believe that when you get people together who like to do the same thing they usually have fun.

So my advice for the next year is do that dream or arrange things to get closer to it.  If you don’t start now you won’t see any growth in the area you want.  The greatest regret in life would be not to have an adventure because we really are the sum total of our experiences._DSF1076

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