Branching Out

So, I wanted a photography club in my area and of course we don’t have one.  The next best thing is to start one then, but the point of the club is to be fun and learn.  If the group can’t do either and gets critical than why have a group at all.  I can’t create if I think I am about to be criticized so we won’t.  However, that is the difference between teaching and criticizing.  A critic doesn’t care to explain the why where a teacher wants to teach so the student can see the why themselves.  I am looking forward to exploring the photographic world just as much as being with the group.

This new challenge in my life is now pushing me to almost start back at my beginning.  What did I need to know when I first started and what was I hungry to learn.  Well, everything really and that takes time and I am still learning.  If I can keep up with the technology and still get a beautiful print I will be happy.  What makes you happy when you are out taking photos?  The lesson for this months club was to look at what you like and to learn your  own style.  No one can take photos like you and no one has your eye.  I see detail things and macro abstract photos when I am out.  The big picture landscape is a draw, the kind that makes you feel small and breathless.  You know the ones that make you stare at a picture for hours and dream.

To me that is what photography is about living the dream in that moment.  Then catching it before it disappears in the morning sunrise.  I expect to keep learning on my journey and to see places most people just dream about.  Hopefully, I will do them justice.


Winter Blues


I love this shot.  I think because of the beauty of the moment and the people I was there with.  Jennifer King is such a great photographer model to follow.  I keep looking at it to remind myself that I took this shot and there will be more to come.  As photographers that is what we keep looking for – the next shot.  Not saying the older shots were bad or incomplete, but we look for the challenge of the next location.  The visual of the moment and the thrill of seeing nature at its finest glory and collect in in that moment.

However,  I am now thinking about the next great adventure to the Caithness Islands in northern Scotland.  I wonder about the weather because Scotland can be quite moody and the light so different.  The chance to see standing stones and an Viking settlement along with a coast line all bring impatient thoughts.  I have packed and unpacked mentally quite a few times.  The photo gear and what to bring?  Do I want all of my lenses or not.  How about the filters are they what I want.  I did invest in a Little Stopper by Lee and a new set of filters.  The old set had a nasty scratch from use.  Plus the lenses?  I have a new system switching to the Fujifilm XT-1 from Canon and still not sure I have the bag I want.  I don’t want to haul a heavy bag around with everything so I like to choose carefully.  I plan on leaving one or two lenses home.

I decided that the Fuji 18-135 would stay home and I would take the Fuji 50-200 because of size.  Except now I don’t have a mid range zoom and only the wide angle Fuji 10-24 and the macro Fuji 60mm (which I still haven’t got a handle on).  So, I bought the Fuji 18-55 after realizing that it isn’t the cheap starter lens like Canon has which is why I initially avoided it.  So I must stop fiddling with he bad.  I can do all that needs to be done with the current plan.  Now if someone would just carry it for me.

So here we are still in the middle of winter and my mind on the plane.  What will the shots be, the people and the places.  I look forward to the time away and the train ride.  The adventure of living takes a lot of waiting to get to.  The brief moments in life keep me moving forward and allow me to feel like I am on the right path.  Otherwise, if I couldn’t create what would be the point of work.  Or life for that matter- a gift cries out to be used and enjoyed.  Nature a willing model waits for you to enter its peace and calm.