Branching Out

So, I wanted a photography club in my area and of course we don’t have one.  The next best thing is to start one then, but the point of the club is to be fun and learn.  If the group can’t do either and gets critical than why have a group at all.  I can’t create if I think I am about to be criticized so we won’t.  However, that is the difference between teaching and criticizing.  A critic doesn’t care to explain the why where a teacher wants to teach so the student can see the why themselves.  I am looking forward to exploring the photographic world just as much as being with the group.

This new challenge in my life is now pushing me to almost start back at my beginning.  What did I need to know when I first started and what was I hungry to learn.  Well, everything really and that takes time and I am still learning.  If I can keep up with the technology and still get a beautiful print I will be happy.  What makes you happy when you are out taking photos?  The lesson for this months club was to look at what you like and to learn your  own style.  No one can take photos like you and no one has your eye.  I see detail things and macro abstract photos when I am out.  The big picture landscape is a draw, the kind that makes you feel small and breathless.  You know the ones that make you stare at a picture for hours and dream.

To me that is what photography is about living the dream in that moment.  Then catching it before it disappears in the morning sunrise.  I expect to keep learning on my journey and to see places most people just dream about.  Hopefully, I will do them justice.


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