I may be mad?

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Recently, I was trying to explain to a friend that taking the photos was not always so glamorous.  For example, in the above photo I was holding onto the tripod with the camera so it didn’t go over the edge in the gale force winds.  I was freezing cold, even though, I had layers on and my warm clothes because of the wind.  The cold felt like it was seeping up through the ground to my feet and the wind was taking the remaining heat I produced.  All the while the hope is that the sunset will give color, drama and some clouds.  Unfortunately, the sunset, kind of died a slow, teasing, not gonna do it death.

Sometimes, I think I have gone mad looking at sites to see where I can go next to torture myself some more.  Truly, the most beautiful places are not always the easiest to reach.  The weather will probably not be the best and the walk will probably be long.  All the while, you will carry a heavy pack of camera equipment and maybe use just one lens.  The rocky hills will be steep and the ground wet and my knees will start to protest.

And I keep looking.  Like someone who knows they got into the game a little late and life is getting shorter.  That someday, I will have to look back on this life and answer the question of whether I took advantage of what life can offer.  I can sum up my life from experiences and wisdom comes from experience.  If I never go anywhere, how do I know I can do it.

More important is the drive to do it.  I will go and do for photography when the introvert in me will stay at home for other things.  The drive to create, the drive to express, the drive to be good enough in my own eyes.  My opinion counts most when it comes to me and if I am not happy I will find a way to make it better.

So, as I order the winter hiking boots for Iceland and look for down coats- I pause.  I have gone mad again and I laugh.  Because for me photography is a little bit of peace from a mundane world.  The chance to express something and do something you would never bet I would be interested in.  I will look at the photo and see all it took to get there, when all you will see is a pretty scene.  I can’t express personal growth that comes from me taking that photo or the happiness it brings me.  But, I am sure you get the idea.



2 thoughts on “I may be mad?

  1. This one gives me so much more insight into What you experience on these photo expeditions & Why?
    The heart of my friend speaks from the hidden places & I know you a wee bit better. 🙂

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