Dingle Peninsula and Ladies View Ireland, Gap of Dunloe.


Just back from a photography workshop in Ireland.  I know Ireland the name just makes peoples eyes light up when I tell them where I went.   I used my new Canon 6d on this trip and was not disappointed with the pictures I took.  I only took 2 lenses the Canon 17-40 wide angle and Canon 28-105 zoom.  The color was more vibrants then with my old Canon 5d Mark 2 camera with the new 6D.  I didn’t feel like I had a bulky camera in my hand nor did I hate carrying it around.

I went with Lightstalkers Adventures based out of Scotland and Glen Campbell is the fearless leader of the expeditions.   I enjoy these kind of trips because they are based on photography from dawn to dusk.  There is nothing better than being with a like minded group of people who enjoy the beauty in nature.

The weather can always throw in a curve here and there, but that can be overcome.  Besides, as a  photographer I don’t always expect sunny blue sky days.  I prefer the drama of rolling clouds and mist coming off the ocean.  I prepare for this kind of travel with the rain gear for my camera and me.  On this trip I kept adding layers everyday as we went along.  Usually the evening would be colder but nothing that an extra jacket couldn’t handle.

Ireland does not disappoint for views.  We toured the Ring of Kerry, Dingle Peninsula, Gap of Dunloe  and so many places I can’t remember all the names.  The green of the grass is so vibrant due to all the rain and hydrangeas are everywhere.  Fuchsia grows in hedgerows along the side of the road.  The people are friendly and the food piping hot.  I get a real feeling of peace when I am there and enjoyed both the towns and the country views.  Cork is a vibrant city to visit and the pub food is excellent wherever I went.

But, what I love most is meeting people from all over the world:  France, Scotland, Switzerland, Canada, England.  I had a great time with people who I met in one week.  Why because we enjoy taking photos and get to see some of the best sights due to the scouting of Glen.  If you want to do something different and you are really into a photography make a tour with a group something you do.  Save for it and plan for it.  You will love the experience.

The leader is important and Glen does a lot of hard work preparing for these tours.  He also put up with the lone American well (me), I would give him a hard time about sunsets being a bit grey.  He didn’t take us to one sight I didn’t like but, I don’t know if you can fail in Ireland.  This is the second Lightstalkers Adventures I have been on and I would recommend them to any person who wants to take a photo tour.

I bring home memories of accents, food, sights and sounds.  I now know that dairy is not my friend.  All and all a good trip and it went faster than I would have wished.

Photos from the trip are on

Glen’s website is


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