The Life of Adventure

Photos from a church in Ireland. 2016

Take a seat and walk the maze with me.

I have reached the age where if I don’t get it done I probably won’t.  Lately, I have been writing a book and winding my way through all that it takes to complete that project.  Writing is not something for the faint of heart.  So photography has taken a back seat to me trying to make the daily number quota.  I thought about giving up the photography for a nano second.  The reason being I have a lot of projects going on and to focus on just one thing.  I can’t do it.  My life is meant to have adventure in it and photography brings out the color in this world.

I look forward to my next trip to southern Iceland.  I never thought I would say those words but going with a group makes it so much easier and if I want to do Iceland it is time to get it done.  I know everyone is going there, right?  Well I haven’t with my camera and I promise you I don’t see everything that you see.  I want to record the exotic moment on the windswept island and watch the Northern Lights roll over head.  One bucket list dream is seeing the Northern Lights and getting good photos.  I am going to do it.

I feel like the well worn pew  pictured above sitting in a quiet church praying to God to get some youth back. I have seen a lot of people and places but I still function and want to continue.  Life being the maze that we all tread upon . Lately I reflect on my direction and hope that after all my turning in  a circle I find the desired end.

Ireland for me was a dream and beautiful.  I would recommend the adventure to anyone willing to risk learning about another place in the world.  I enjoyed speaking to the ticket lady at the above church.  We were supposed to meet and talk, that I know.  Her life so different than mine but able to speak on a level not divided by distance.  Truly the adventure of life opens the soul.

More pictures to come from Ireland to the website.  I just needed some time to breathe.

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