Canon and Fuji a mixed bag.


Wow a new year is almost here and I have only traveled the world three times.  The above picture is from Ireland on the Dingle coast.  This is one of my favorite photos because of the clouds and the gigantic wide open landscape.  I wish I was standing there today staring out over the water.  I used my Canon 6d full frame to take this photo and was never let down by the performance of the camera.

The problem is that I am torn between two worlds.  The one with the Canon 6d and the Mirrorless Fujifilm Xt1 and 2.  I am still waiting for the Xt2 to arrive.  The Canon is solid and does solid work but it is bigger so I don’t take as many lenses.  When I travel overseas I allow myself two lenses to get the shots I want.  If I can’t get it with a wide angle and a zoom than I can’t get it.  Just getting it all in one bag and on a plane is a feat in itself.  The Fujifilm Xt1 does an excellent job and I have an extra body for the wet days.  The Fuji is averse to wet weather but is lighter and performs well for me.  I am waiting for the Xt2 for better performance with the zoom lenses and better water proofing.  The Fuji is smaller and takes up less space and operates smoothly with the dials all on top.

I have to think about where I am going and what I am going to be doing when deciding on what camera to take.  I go to Iceland in the spring and I will take the Canon 6d.  Why?  I am told it will do better with the Aurora lights, plus it is better under wet conditions.  I want a good shot at the lights and hope to get that and a picture of the ice on the beach.  You know that shot I am talking about.  Next, Northumbria and I will take the Fujifilm Xt2 just so I can travel lighter and take more lenses in the bag.  I will probably do mainly wide angle shots but who knows with more time to explore I may need more options.  I want a good shot of the Bamburg Castle and beach.

Why am I complaining about having to choose?  Well-there is never enough time or locations to feel I am using my equipment to the fullest.  Iowa lacks beach and scenery for a lot of what I do.  I have the best of two worlds and just want more, more sunsets and sunrises without the problem of jet lag.  I want to use what I got but work and bills call so vacation reality is shorter than my dream.

I wonder if I would get tired following the beauty of nature everyday with my camera.  Nope, probably not.



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