Looking beyond the emotion!

Unless you are there standing in the awe of the moment of a glorious sunrise you won’t get it.  The emotional contact to color, calm and nature as it comes up in the morning or puts itself to bed at night.  Which is why I like to let my photos sit awhile before I edit or even look at them.  I want to take the feelings away and see them as they are in the raw on the screen.  Otherwise my heart sees the picture with the emotion which blots out all the bad framing, exposure and composition.


Ireland 2016-1477

I will use my Ireland picture as an example.  I love big sky and color in my sunset but do I have the best exposure for the picture probably not.  I don’t like creamy water that much and go for more of the natural feel.  Some people will like this shot and others will not.  I can still feel the air and the evening temperature from standing in the tall grass on this spot.  I remember the people around me all trying to get their picture.  I remember wondering what it would be like to be able to see this view every day.  With every photo I remember.

So, no matter who you are and what level of photography you are at; just do it with heart and let your eyes guide you to what  makes you feel the moment.  Which is what photography is, beyond being an art,  but a way to express a single piece of time that in an instant will be gone.  Don’t try to compete with others because you can never see with there eyes or experiences.  Learn to trust who you are and what you love.  Then analyze your work to see where it can improve to best representative of what you see.

For today, inspire yourself with the beauty around you.  And share the pieces with the people who have yet thought of stepping into the world with a camera.  They love looking through your eyes.

2 thoughts on “Looking beyond the emotion!

    1. Photography is so personal and yet a window to the eye of a person. Sometimes when I see a really good photo that I wonder how they saw that in their head before it hit the camera.

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