Feeling the blue of minimalist photography and the color of detail.


I like minimalist shots.  The even tones and textures of color against the wide open power of nature.  I like the feel of knowing that calm exists out in nature just as turbulence and bright sunny day.  Life really summed up in the world with its ups and downs.  Maybe, I am aging and look for different structures to remind me that this world isn’t as crazy as it seems.  I don’t want to think like everyone else either, when it comes to photography.  I don’t want to be driven.  I just want to enjoy it.  I like beautiful, natural things and find peace there.

Maybe some people can’t see the detail in the tones and textures.  They don’t care for smooth lines or fading light.  Maybe they just can’t see calm.  Photography is about everything really, that you can think of, the mood of the place or the drama of the weather.  What it isn’t- a competition.  No two shots standing side by side will ever be the same.  Every person is different just like every photo of the same area will be different.

I like the detail of a rock with moss.  The small places that no one looks at because they have been caught by the wide open view.  The smell of the earth after a rain always brings me back to reality.  So much happens around us that we don’t pay attention to.  Our lives so focused not the big picture we can’t see the details revolving in them.  I wonder sometime if I am more of a philosophical photographer.  I wonder at who or what has been to a spot before me.  I create a story in my head when I look at the world through my lens.

Orange flower

The detail of a flower in its short lived glory.  Do you think it wonders if it will be noticed? Or that its petals my be a slightly different shade than another.  No.  I think it just enjoys the life it has and shines before all to see.  The details of its life of who planted it and how it came to be there doesn’t matter it just is.

So, I will take photos of moss, rock, flowers and shells lying on the beach.  I will look for feathers left behind in the sand and color where no one else will.  All life is not about the big shot but the little moments that create them.  The little moments that bring structure and support.  And so will your photography be a sum total of your moments that come through your vision.  Your filters will be set to see a certain image a certain way.  Most people won’t see the soul in a photograph but most people don’t think about the soul and photography.

I do.

One thought on “Feeling the blue of minimalist photography and the color of detail.

  1. So enjoyed the glimpse you gave us of YOU & why you love to focus up close on the often missed things….

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