I feel like the time is passing me by this summer.  I started a project on my house that has consumed most of the summer.  I have so many plans for a new project room and can’t wait to see it come finished and the paint still has to dry on the walls.  There have been a millions things I would have liked to explored and done in this time but soon I will be back to my old routine.  I didn’t plant the zinnia’s this year.  The garden has been neglected and so have been the photo opportunities.  Isn’t that the way of photography?  It is truly about the opportunities and what we make of them.

I know many people who want to take great photos but never take the opportunity to go out and do it.  I see life now with a photo in mind and am constantly looking for pictures and new subjects.  Photography takes a singular personal drive to do it yourself.  No one can do it for you or help you get better unless you practice.  I think it takes a creative spirit, just like drawing or painting.  The need to see and feel life going on around you and capturing the moment.  Just like the zinnia in the picture that is alive for a brief amount of time showing the beauty of the present.


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