The Tractor Remembers.


I know a lot of people have never heard of Old Threshers but if you are into tractors and showing them you might.  Ever year my towns’ big event if Old Threshers and people from all over the United States show up to? Well show tractors, drive tractors and old steam powered tractors and…. demonstrate with horses and tractors again.  Basically, if you love what life used to be like when times were more simple Old Threshers is where you want to go.

A place really where people like to remember together.  Many of the tractors have been in the family for years.  Well preserved pieces of history marking a time of life and experiences.  Rows and rows of life tied together in machinery and times gone by.  A lot of what it says if family, farm and life lived.

I go to take pictures.  I love the rows of tractors with the sun gleaming off the metal.  They have a barn with old cars, just as shiny, waiting for a picture to be taken.  What it reminds me of is life way back when I was a kid on the farm.  When life seemed simpler and time slower.  Where my dad wore boots that were sitting on the basement step ready to be laced up.  When you knew your neighbors and would wave at each other driving down the road.  A John Deere tractor means something to me in memories.

Now I know that pictures are meant to show place and time but they also bring back memories of a place and time.  When a family sat down together to eat a meal and no cell phones were involved.  Just a bunch of kids around a table eating before going outside to get chores done.  My job was to mow the lawn- I inherited that at age 12.  I couldn’t wait to run the mower, it was a John Deere.  I ran over the water line pipe with it.  We just sat it back on top of the pipe and I was told to go around.


That pile of grain next to a wheel reminds me of bringing the harvest in at fall time.  The elevator hanging over the silage pit waiting to unload another wagon.  The smell of grain and corn stalks wafting through the air and the fall sun shining down.  A cool breeze reminding me that winter was coming and soon the world would turn white.  The cattle would eat up all the silage by the time we get to spring.  A pile of corn would stack high and dad would get mad when I used to slide down in the winter.

Yes, a lot memories in that old green tractor.  Memories stored up that come flooding back to the top standing in the middle of a field of machinery.  It is good to remember where you came from.  Maybe you just see a tractor but I see my life in green and yellow.  A life that may not make the news or set the world on fire,but a life well enough, that remembers.  Just like the tractor remembers- we are old friends.


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