Northumbria Coast


So,  I have landed safely in Scotland and am ready for the photography adventure to come.  I have my handy travel guide and am ready to set off for the week with my friend Julie a fellow photographer.  We are heading down to the coast from Edinburgh but will stop by Jedburgh and Kelso Abbie’s.  The above guide will be priceless for finding spots that I didn’t know about.  Some I have been to and others I have not.  Low Newton rocks look interesting and of coast Bambugh castle always looks so imposing from the water.

What am I looking for?  Relaxing water and the beautiful green of the hills and countryside.  A good artistic detail or abstract would be nice, whatever draws my eye and seems interesting.  On the coast and with these buildings the possibilities are limitless.  The weather will change the mood and I will roll with it and be prepared.

I will test out the guide and see what I think but most likely appreciate all the time and effort it took to put it together.  The amount of time saved by having the work done for me means a lot of time saved on the computer.  When I fly in and not from the area I am never really sure about what I am going to see when I get there.

I brought the Fujifilm Xt2, a 14 mm prime, 60 mm macro, 10-24 wide angle and the 55-200 mm zoom.  This should cover most everything I want to shoot.  I have my Lee filters and rain covers.  I have the Manfrotto travel tripod and left the big Feisol at home.  I am really tired of lugging the equipment and would just like to enjoy the trip.  Yes, the trip is about photography but also about enjoying the photography while I am there.  I am excited to put the Fujifilm to the test and see what I think since I also shoot Canon 6 d.  I mainly want clear shots and good color.  I also hope for a couple of good sunrises or sets.

Let the adventures begin.


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