Dreaming of Spring


I was daydreaming about spring today.  The winter gray, black and white wonderland with all the face slapping cold is starting to wear me down.  So, I dream of the flowers in spring.  I dream of a walk across a windswept Scottish pasture with sheep grazing nearby.  And the bluebells of the Yorkshire Dales-a sight that I want to repeat and photograph again.  The feeling of freedom that vacation in a faraway place gives me.  I can still feel the ties of home, they never leave, but I just settle into the moment and the feel and the warmth.

I dream of springs blue skies that mark the change of season.  The washing the rain does to clean off the dirt and mud of a cold winter.  The warmth that seeps in and brushes against your cheek as you lift your face to the sun.  The simple growth of grass before its first cut.  I dream of this park with these trees and the flowers that emerge before the leaves.  Can you imagine the bravery and faith a tree has to grow every year.  Just grow, bud, flower, leaf, every year without fail, without question.

While, I sit and question my photography, my trips, my goals instead of just concentrating on the growth.   I am decisive by nature and I like to keep myself in check-this isn’t a bad thing-I just want to keep myself on track for a vision.  I question what I am doing and whether I should keep doing it.  Like the photography and the writing, what they fulfill  for me and my growth.  I have come to the conclusion that I wouldn’t like me without the outlet of the camera.  My dreams would be less inspired and my soul very much like winter.

So, I dream of spring with my camera in my hand.  I wonder what day I should drive over to the park to catch the tree with the blooms.  The red ones were my favorite.DSCF5162

The unashamed bright colored blooms waving in the breeze for all the world to see.  The tree that has the faith every year just to grow, even as it seems they die for winter.  Which is  maybe what I do a bit too.  I take a break and store up the energy to go out again each year.  I plan, I dream and I take time to think and slow down.

I dream of photos with color and feeling.  Don’t you?  Not just for the world to see, even though the feedback of others is important, at the end of the day what you think matters most.  Whether you have the spirit it takes to explore with your camera and see the world.   Whether you dream big enough dreams that you can accomplish and feed your soul.  Whether the now silent tree calls to you in winter reminding you that beauty is at your doorstep and all you need to do is explore.

Whether you have the faith is up to you.  I have all ready decided what I am going to do.

The Simple Watermark


I have never had great patience for photoshop.  I have tried, I promise you but the layers upon layers of options and keys to hit.  My mind just goes numb.  I took the classes and sat through instruction only to feel my brain slowly start to fade out on me.  Not my thing and that is ok.   Next, I decided to see if  Youtube had a simple tutorial for me to follow to again attempt to make my own watermark.  Nope, the guy said the word layers and I could feel my brain close down, literally checks out on me.  Best to know where you talent lies and mine is shopping.  Time to shop for a water mark.

I don’t know why the sudden need for the upgrade.  The old name slapped across the photo was doing just fine, although clearly not inspiring.  So, off I go typing in watermark logos for a an internet search and the computer churned back more confusion.  Wow, the options are endless and expensive for just a name slapped on the bottom of a photo.  I truly reconsidered my decision to replace old faithful with something new.  Facebook of course and their sneaky adds that track me and pop things in my feed.  How do they know?  Truly if they post any ads for retirement I will take offense.

I will admit Photologo did know what they were doing and produced the above logo in 4 color options.  All I had to do was answer a few questions and tell them what I wanted.  Not too thick and not too curly and please make it readable.  I mean, it seems reasonable to spend all that money and want to be able to read the name.  Getting it into Lightroom and sizing is easy after playing around with it a bit.  I think I will have to be more conscious of which one I pull depending on the photo.  Given time I will have all the kinks worked out.

Ok so maybe I am changing a bit and taking the picture in as the whole product from the your point of view.  I go to all the trouble of taking what I think is a great shot.  I want to inspire you with that photo, but clearly want to stamp it as mine.  Again,  I went to all the effort.  So, the name should compliment the work and not distract.    Beauty takes on many forms and should inspire even if it is only written words.  Hope you like it.  I do.

So maybe the simple watermark isn’t so simple after all.