The moment I fell in love with Scotland


Its a gloomy day here in my part of the world.  The weather cold with ice in the future and I have been thinking.  I can pinpoint a lot of things in my life with moments and here is one of mine.  The moment I fell in love with Scotland.  Yes, the above picture is the exact moment in all its amateur photography glory.  I remember my first Canon camera and XT-1 and feeling pretty special walking around with that piece of equipment. Of course, if I knew then what I know now that picture would have been a lot better.  I hadn’t had a camera for very long at this point and I was up with jet lag taking photos outside our hotel near Oban.  I just new I was in a special place.  The view from the road and the quiet sheep grazing in the field along with the water.  I am landlocked where I live and our water views are nothing compared to this…..nothing.


Kinipoch hotel near Oban Scotland with the tulips blooming and buds just emerging off of the trees in early spring.  The bright red color of the Azalea and pinks in the Rhododendrons in the gardens that looks so effortless and peaceful.  That morning was quiet and calm with a blue haze before the sun started to lift.  I snuck out of the room with camera in hand, little did I know that it would start a love affair.

With a peaceful feeling from the land the hills and water calling me.  So much in one small area it was like the world opened up and showed me that life existed beyond my home town.  Which is the true point of travel really to wake me up and get me out of my comfort zone.  At this point I was so far from my comfort zone I knew I never wanted to go back.  Of course, the pictures were disappointing when I got home.  I have chosen a few from that trip but the rest are just standard tourist photos.  I tried. I knew nothing but I tried which was why I decided I had to go back again because I needed to do a better job.  The excuse sounded reasonable and I had a camera and no point wasting it. My next trip over was for a photography workshop to the Lakes District.  And then back to Scotland again.  Isle of Mull_MG_3183

With views like this how am I supposed to ever stop wanting to see this part of the world.  I could only imagine what it would be like to live in that house in the distance.  The view of the water every morning surrounded by the mystery of time.  The house seems so lonely yet perfect beacon against the landscape.  Why wouldn’t you want to wake up to this view everyday.  My world was so different than this spot being landlocked.  The people were very friendly and well used to travelers .  I wonder if the people living here on this small island take for granted what I saw as I looked across the water to the mountains.  I have corn and bean fields everywhere I go…no water except for a small pond…no clouds that you can almost touch.  The world seems to almost stop as I stood there as the clouds floated over head.


Yet, here I sit back home…no clouds….or water except in the form of rain and I dream of my love for Scotland.  I am past the point of caring how many times I go back.  Well, except for the plane ride is still long and jet lag…hate jet lag.  I just dream every year of my next adventure and wonder where I should go and how to improve my photography to convey what I see and feel.  Even though the landscapes are large the feeling of quiet and peace are larger.  A sense of adventure and the lure of a Scottish accent calls.  This year Isle of Lewis and the Callanish standing stones beckon, along with beaches, birds and rocks that could tell stories.  Just don’t forget the tea when a break is needed.

I can’t wait for another adventure.

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