The Mirror Of Spring


I look forward to this moment every year.  The moment the earth warms from the frozen cocoon of winter and a myriad of color bursts forth.  The moment, I no longer feel I am peering at life from behind the window waiting for the color to arrive.  Maybe only introverts understand but I do a lot of thinking about photography and my life.  The two events are intertwined with adventure and adventure through photography helps me see.  Like most people I feel like a cog in the everyday wheel of work and repeat.  Nothing wrong with work and it is necessary just more limiting to a schedule.  And I dream of freedom and being able to explore nature around me.  I dream of crossing that street.IMG_6600

Maybe, life is like crossing the street and moving down a block.  I don’t know what I am going to find and not sure where I am going, but I can go.  With my camera in hand and wisps of color on trees pulling me down the block, I go with expectation.  My eyes searching everywhere around me and my thoughts on nothing but my environment.   I leave myself behind to enjoy the moment of sun, cool air and vision.  Knowing that I want to adsorb the beauty of the day, the quiet on the street, the call of nature.  I am been waiting for this awakening all winter long, when my life can transform once again into something new and growth happens behind the lens.  All the time I am looking for that light.IMG_6683

That just kisses the top of the petal on the bloom.  The one bloom trying not to get lost in a myriad of flowers reaching toward the sun.  A moment in time to disappear in a matter of days.  The spring quick adventure and the frenzy to capture the glory.  A moment to breath before the heat of summer and hard sun.  All of it as life moves forward in its seasons, a mirror almost for the moments most fleeting.  The moments that I wish to hold onto then are gone.  The peace found away from this world in the quiet of the trees.  A time to turn off the voice of insecurity and raise my try.  Everyone needs to remember their try…that moment of  “I can” that explodes open the doors of possibility.  If I never would have believed I never would have picked up a camera.  IMG_6747

I took a chance really to step outside my comfort zone and believe like a flower.  That I could open myself up and make a difference mainly to me.  To explore the little things, big things, fleeting things.  I like to look for what most people don’t notice.  I tend to notice whether in people or nature, I quietly observe.  I recognize or try to the purpose, the connection between the smallest flower to the largest tree.  Recognizing the season and taking advantage of the time and growing in it and through it.  The camera reflecting the soul of the photographer and nature brining man back from the brink of folly.  Photography is more than art its a Mirror if only you take time to look.

2 thoughts on “The Mirror Of Spring

  1. Oh, my!! My friend, whose thoughts are eloquently expressed through the lense of a camera & words giving life to those photos.

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