It feels like home.


The first time I visited Scotland it felt like home.  I travel many places to take photographs but something about the grandeur and the misty morning sticks with me.  The light is different here and the weather in fall comfortable, windy and wet but Scotland.  I think what I like most are the wide-open landscapes and the big skies.  The sky always provides drama with clouds rolling in and clouds rolling out.  The above photo was taken on an early morning drive to the Ullapool Ferry.  We left early just to see if we could get a sunrise but we ended up with some really nice light.

When I started photography as a hobby with a Kodak Easy share I never thought I would be standing in the places I have.  The art form grabbed my heart and it hasn’t let go.  I do have certain things I like to take photos of and every person does.  I love water, mountains, mist, sea and it has to have trees.  Which is why the United Kingdom suits my interest so much.  I only get to travel a couple times a year and after every journey, I swear I am going to quit. Usually, after a rest and forgiving the train and airlines, I reset and get ready to go again.


When I go with friends I usually end up being the navigator.  Which means research on locations and how to get there.  The research is just as fun and dreaming about the location before I even get there gets my excitement up.  Except, finding the places is easier on the computer than with Garmin, maps and guide books sometimes.  We learned that Garmin stops at a certain point just before your destination.  This time I took a hiking Garmin that showed roads the driving Garmin didn’t know existed.  Priceless.  Which means we could still get home since it tracked us also.

In my head, I have things I want to see and explore before I die.  I call it my bucket list.  Everyone has one.  A dream of an adventure that needs to be fulfilled, well part of mine was seeing the black houses on the Isle of Lewis.  It is now checked off the list.


The best part is I get to do this with friends who enjoy it as much as I do.  It really matters who you take on trips when you take photographs.  They need to understand that taking good photos is going to take time and want to be up at all kinds of hours and weather conditions.  You need to be fit because you are going to want to climb that hill to get that shot.  I have walked on sheep trails right on the edge and decided the way back would be a different path.

If I were to change anything it would be the long flights and jet lag.  Ugh…..JET LAG.  Takes days to adjust coming and going.  The days start to merge the longer I am there and my eyes fill with sights and beauty hard to descibe.  When light hits for a few fleeting seconds and the car can’t get pulled over fast enough to catch it.  Or the herd of sheep walking on the road and you jump out of the car to get a picture.  All those are memories stored on a card taken by my Canon camera.  Why?  Because something in my heart says that the beauty of Scotland can only be captured one photo at a time.

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