The Iowa I grew up in.


Clark Barn Stockport Iowa

Today I took a drive with my camera for a Fall Harvest Historical Barn Tours.  I noticed most of the people were older this morning and maybe that was just the time of day.  Everyone had the same look on their faces coming to see these old buildings.  It’s like we are trying to cement in our minds what lives were like before the age of computers.  Not many buildings are left and many have been torn down.  Most young people really don’t have an idea what life was like in the error of the farm barn.

What is it about fall and nostalgia.  Every year I have to watch “Hoosiers” with Gene Hackman at this time.   The scenes remind me of growing up and what small-town life was about.   As the weather turns cold and the corn starts to turn to a light sand color, and I think about my childhood on the farm.  I never would have thought to say I miss those days but I do.  I miss the farm and everything it represented: family, hard work, fields, God, and love.


Dorothy Barn Keosauqua Iowa

The inside of a barn for a child is a magical thing.  I remember light streaming in through dusty windows and kittens tumbling down over bales of hay.  The heat rising from animals and the tools hanging from the walls.   A barn represented a place where work would get done and animals would get fed.  Lives were built around everything kept or stored in barns.  Iowa-8433

And the barns and what they held help build the midwest.  I remember so much of my time as a child focusing on the home place and the buildings on it.  They stored the machinery and stored the grain.  Our family barn burned down due to lightning.  I find it so sad that little by little they are disappearing from the landscape to be replaced.  The farms don’t even look the same anymore because they don’t raise as many animals like they used to.


Wickfield Farm Sales Pavilion Cantril Iowa

If the barns could talk do you wonder what they would say.  A testament to the rise and fall of each generation and whether a family is able to build for the next generation.  A barn represents big dreams, hopes, and the future.  You only need a barn if you have something to store.  I saw a lot of farms on my tour today as summer shifts over to fall.  I remembered my family and my father’s dreams as a farmer.  When I go who will remember what life was like?


2 thoughts on “The Iowa I grew up in.

  1. Even though I never lived on a farm, my fondest memories are those weeks, weekends, & almost every Sunday in the barns of grandparents, aunts & uncle, family friends. In the haymows, watching the milking, looking at the baby pigs.

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