The search for gold


As photographers, we get a scene for a picture in our heads.  Mine was the road scene with the trees golden and orange with filtered light.  The road needs to curve and disappear on the horizon to draw me in.  I found it this year while I was out testing a Gimbal tripod head.  The light was really bright all day and I had to wait until 3 pm to head outside.  The river was my destination and I hoped to see some eagles but the day was warm and the chances were not high.

Normally, the last few years the color has been dull to disappointing.  If the weather has been too dry the trees are lackluster color and throw down the leaves early in protest.  This year we had a deluge of rain in October and that fueled the color and the above picture.  _MG_8748

Light and shadows make a gorgeous photo.  The way leaves hover crowded together on a branch and then the light filters through, catching your eye.  I try to look up and shoot into the canopy to get the right leaves at the right time.  I took many bad shots just to get this one.  The camera had to find a focus point and the leaves needed to give you something of interest to look at.  I never really know what I have until I get home to my big screen.  However this one with the lights darks and color speaks fall in volumes.knudsen family photo 2018-8665

Many times have I tried to take a picture of this bridge and have been disappointed.  I would tell myself it was just an ugly old bridge after many failures.  OK, so the problem was with me and getting what I thought did the scene justice.  There was alot going on in this photo but the main point is the color and the silhouette of the bridge.  The drama of the water was an added bonus and I was using the long 600mm lens.  (Still looking for the birds.)  This year the trees and the color produced a scene that does that bridge justice.

As a photographer, I always lean toward that splash of color that makes a scene pop.  I look at other photographers to see what I like and don’t like.  What catches my eye in their work that would make that photo a good picture.  I think today we are trying to be so artistic with our work that we forget that photography is about connection.  How we see a scene and take the picture so others can connect to it.  We don’t have to prove were artists we already are…I realize that everyone has a camera at their fingertips but that doesn’t mean the photo will be any good.

Photography at the end of the day is an expression of our vision.  The photographer is the one who sees and tries to bring you into that world.  The only one you compete against is yourself.

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