The Watermark


I finally invested in a professional looking watermark. was having a sale and to me, that is the best time to invest.  I have white and black and they can go on different corners of the photos.  I had to set it up in Lightroom to pull my logo but it was so worth it.  This is an example of the old watermark I created.  Not bad but really doesn’t add to the photo with any style.

Iceland 2017-5292

Now the photo with the new watermark to the side.  The watermark just adds the finish to the photograph and I feel people connect a person to the work that way.  I realize as photographers our cameras do a lot of work for us but without us, there would be nothing to see.  Everyone takes a picture differently and looks for what they like.


These pictures were taken in Iceland with many other photographers standing around.  Not one of those pictures was exactly alike.  So show off your individuality with a watermark.  I am glad I did.

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