Peak District UK



I checked the temperature today in the Peak District and I wasn’t surprised to see that it isn’t much warmer there than here in the US.  On the bright side it is almost April. The Cottage is booked in Tideswell in the center of the area so most locations shouldn’t be too far a drive.  The book that we are using to finding locations is Photographing the Peak District by Chris Gilbert and Mick Ryan.  A very large and beautiful book filled with pictures of locations to photograph in the area.



The book is divided into districts which locations in each area and wow is there a lot to photography.  Narrowing down the places that we want to look at isn’t easy.  We only have so much time and don’t want to spend hours hiking to get to a location.  The guide clearly gives directions to each location, where to park and how long it will take to get to the spot.  I can’t imagine what it is like to have these opportunities to photograph so close to you.  I wonder sometimes if people take for granted what is in there area.  Then, I also think of the time and energy it took to write this book.


I am interested in everything really when it comes to photography.  I like old buildings, water, landscapes and many things will catch my eye. (Don’t care for desert and the only sand I like is on a beach.).  Not all are worth photographing but looking is always good.  Here I notice that there is a large amount of rolling hills into deep valley type landscape as the photo above shows.  Many old interesting villages with old houses and tall church steeples.  Something new for me will be the mills and hopefully some interesting pictures to come from them.


I am hoping to catch the bluebells in bloom.  Such a beautiful sight to see the forest covered in a sea of purple.  The trees starting to bud and the light filtering through.  I am ready to catch spring at its best in the trees and hope we are able to find some.  Timing is always hard because depending on the weather the bloom may be early or late.  I have a photo from the Yorkshire Dales of bluebells and here it is below.


I don’t get to spend a lot of time at each location but I remember this one to be magically with all the flowers.  They seem to beckon me to come for a walk with them into the trees.  Also, wild garlic was blooming everywhere and we could smell it everywhere we went.

Chatsworth Hall, a beautiful estate in the book and can’t wait to see it.  I am told they have an excellent cream tea.  My first ever cream tea was in the Yorkshire Dales.  I had no idea they existed and am very happy to try them every time I go to the UK.  A scone never tasted so good until smother in butter, jelly and fresh cream.  I will get back on the diet when I come back.

Am I excited to travel again, absolutely.  I need some new photos for the State Fair competition and my wall needs filling in.  What makes it so worth it is when I go with photographers who love to take photos and adventure out.  I know I keep going back to the same country but it has so many unique places to see.  I will give you a report on how I do and photographs of course.

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