The Peak District Adventure


I started traveling to take photos and get outside my comfort zone.  If you would have asked me 20 years ago would I ever fly out of the United States I would have said no.  Since then, I have of course change my mind.  I think it is the age but traveling is starting to seem less about adventure and more about relaxing.  I still want to get the photo but also want to enjoy the adventure.  The Peak District was not what I expected in some ways.  The above picture is of Chatsworth Hall.  The area was more busy than I anticipated or expected.  Of course these things don’t show up on the map and I am used to traveling Scotland where the population can be less.


And I enjoy the peace and quiet of nature.  We followed the guide book in the blog previous to this and found most of the places we were looking for.  The difference is that if you are a native and know where things are scenic places are hard to find.  I noticed that the only really quiet place we found were the Northwood Carr and Tinkersley Woods.  The bluebells were just starting to bloom and finding a shot that showed the emerging blooms not so easy.  Another week and the flowers would have been in full glory.  However, I did get a few pictures that I enjoyed and wished I could have done it over.  I had a few if only moments when I wished I would have changed the F stop and composed the shots different.  Live and learn.  I won’t make that mistake again.  Sigh…move on.


The water reflections were incredible in many of the water locations.  I tried a few abstract pictures and let the light do the magic.  Plus, for the first time on a trip that I can remember to the UK I had decent light to take photos.  Mostly the days can be cloudy and overcast and a nice ray of light hard to find._R2A1137

But, light can make a picture come alive and shimmer, even if it is branches hanging over the water and the reflection casting shadows.  I think on this trip I was able to try some new things and regret not doing some things.  Which makes me regret not being able to practice photography more often.  The presets of what makes a good picture needs to be automatic in my mind so I don’t forget what I like and make mistakes.  Sigh…I said I was moving on. LOL

Would I recommend the Peak District? Yes.  There are so many places for excellent photography you just need to make sure you have a guide book to find them.  I found it to be very busy and being from the US the roads are very curvy and finding the way around interesting.  (And I didn’t have to drive.) We used a Garmin and put in the codes to locations for every where we went.  That didn’t mean we drove right up to the spot though, we still have to locate what we were looking for.  (Tip a turnstile looks different in the US from what it means in the UK).  I am glad I traveled with people who knew what to look for otherwise probably wouldn’t have found some locations.  The one below we drove by and people were parked everywhere along side the road walking the path.  I had to stand on the road to get that one._R2A1434

But it was so worth it with the reflection and the water.  Adventure means traveling to new places and learning from the area.  I learned that I like more remote and quiet.  Less people and more wide open spaces.  Hmm now for the next adventure.

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