Anything goes!



I like to take a wide range of photography where ever I go. Why?  Because life is varied and different everywhere and sometimes a picture will show things that have interest and a slice of life.  I really like the above photo and the life that is shows.  The dolls are a piece of time and childhood joy all neatly displayed behind glass.  The imagination comes alive thinking of all the cuddles, conversations and tears that could have been shared with those dolls. They make me smile in the way they are all crammed in there.  The puppy paws placed up on the glass makes me smile.


And what about time?  We have all the time in the world but how do we use it?  I think about the people these watches represent and how they no longer were wanted or needed.  The mass of watches attracts my attention because of the chaos of the display and the precision of the watches.  What catches your attention and what do you think about?  What are you looking at?  The world moves around us and what we notice says a lot about who we are.


I love dogs and when I travel I meet a lot of new friends. (Ask Julie Ross LOL)  Dogs and I gravitate toward each other because they give affection without an agenda.  They just want to make us happy and spend time with us having fun.  Taking pictures of what you love is easy and fun and that is what photography should be about the best expression of your life.  I know the world is full of ugly but I would rather highlight all that is good than the bad.


This came from a church in Tideswell.  I was fascinated by the light, the history, and the design of this burial vault.  All of those ideas played out in my mind as I took this picture.  A rock sculpture representing a life captured in stone of a person who lived so long ago.  As a photography no one can see, feel or take a picture the same, we are all different and it will show in what grabs our attention.  Just like this woman, we are all influenced by the times we live in and the world around us.  I just want my life to be a window of the good things.

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