Maine and Fall Color

Maine 2019-53

I don’t think I will ever view fall color the same after being to Maine.  Where I live we get color but nothing to rival the colors of the trees here.  This was a dream trip and a place that I had always wanted to visit.

I traveled out to Maine for a photography workshop with Jennifer King and she based the workshop in Acadia National Park.   The workshop lasted 4 days and the time was well spent taking advantage of all the fall color.  The coast has a lot to offer and the area just begs to be photographed.  Jennifer always picks some wonderful locations and she didn’t disappoint here.

Maine 2019-3930

We spent time on a walk doing macro along a river in the park.  Mushrooms were growing everywhere and leaves were falling to the ground.  This is one of my favorite kind of locations to be in the trees and walking on the path.  The coolness from the cover above and the peaceful sounds of water running by in the river.  A person could spend hours walking up and down the path photographing the small details of nature.

Water and the leaves floating through is such fun to photograph.  The color and reflection solidifies the feeling of fall.  It’s almost like I feel if I don’t take the photo the leaves will float down the stream and the moment lost.

Maine 2019-3735

Even the mushrooms were showing off their color as they cling to trees and roots on the forest floor.  The tree with the flaking bark and the color from the mushroom made this a hard to resist photo.  I was using my Canon ef 70-200 mm lens for these photos.  I find that it is easier than a macro in that I like to handhold more than setting up the tripod.  I can zoom in and still get detail and easily move on to the next  subject.

Maine 2019-83

Trees and water just go together and add some reflection and color and it elevates it to bliss.  The parks are busy and some shots had to be chosen with the least amount of people walking through them.  We also had a lot of cloud cover so the sky wasn’t adding much to the photos.  I would just not use it in the composition or crop it out later.

Maine is busy even in the 2nd week of October.  I can’t believe all of the other nature lovers  out enjoying the color blast before the snow falls.  The park was full of people driving through and many of the notable places were hard to find a parking spot.  Patience is required.

I still find it hard to believe that I was able to go to Maine get get these photos.  Even harder to go back to my home town and take pictures of fall color knowing that  ours doesn’t even compare to the diversity there.  I will have to make a plan to go back again.  Once isn’t enough.


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