A new direction

Maine 2019-3638

I went to Maine this fall on a photography workshop.  I haven’t posted a thing from there even though I had a great time and took some nice pictures.  I have decided to go in a new direction and try new things.  I am still going to do photography and travel but I don’t feel I need to talk about them anymore.

I want to try new areas of artistic expression.  Part of the reason being I live in a place I have to fly out of to do landscape photography.

I will tell you this about the photo above.  I had to be hand hold because the location was so crowded and I couldn’t set the tripod down.  I had to crawl over rocks just to jet to a small space next to the ocean.  I didn’t stay until the sun went down because I didn’t feel safe on the rocks.  It wasn’t worth it.

So this will probably be my last blog.  Thank you to everyone that has followed me on my adventures.