Places I have been

Since I have decided that I could travel if I put my mind to it, I have been a few places.  I remember when the only way I went on vacation was with the car and to my parents.  Now, the world seems so much smaller and my life more interesting.  I have learned that a place never has the same feel twice.  I think it is something about it being new.  I always feel I didn’t do the place justice with my photos and the longer a picture sits unworked, the better it looks.

I have a favorite country, and that is Scotland.  I become a romantic when I think about the mountains, mist and green hills.  The first place that ever felt like I had come home was Scotland.  I visit often.

The list of Places:  Scotland (Orkney, Isle of Skye, Highlands, Isle of Mull) Iceland, Ireland, Oregon, Florida, Lake Superior, Yorkshire Dales, Lakes District, Northumberland.