Travel Gear

My Gear?  I started my photography journey with a Kodak EasyShare.  I remember being so excited not realizing all that was available in the area of cameras.  That was a long time ago and I have tried and sold many cameras since then.  I still like Canon for my photography and I find it to be the easiest to use for me.  I have a Panasonic Lumix mirrorless that I use when I want something small.  The Lumix does have interchangeable lenses but if I am out on a trip I still go to the Canon.  The main reason being that I like what a full frame camera can do.

There is a difference between what equipment I have and what I travel with.  I bought a new bag the other day and was seeing if my standard gear fit and had to laugh because I take the same three lenses.

In my travel bag I carry:

Canon 5D MarkIV, Canon ef 70-200 1.4, Canon ef 17-40 1.4L, Canon ef 24-105.  Lee Filters 3,6,9. I will take a back up body.  I have a Canon 6D that I will put in the bag.  A headlamp for night walks and things to clean the camera.  I also keep the little bags that you get in boxes to keep things dry in my camera bag.  On rainy days the moisture absorbing bags are priceless.

I have gear for animals and macro photography, but the overseas trips I don’t use those unless I am going to take wildlife photos.  I wish for a small macro lens to go on the full frame that would be easy to pack but Canon hasn’t made one yet.